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Elevate Your Ophthalmic Clinic with Cutting-Edge Equipment

With a differentiated infrastructure, composed of technicians and engineers trained in accordance with the highest standards required by manufacturers, our company is committed to excellence, development, and continuous evolution of its services.
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We are changing how you see the world

Seven Ophthalmic Equipment Solutions is part of the AJ Corp Group has provided solutions for the ophthalmic and optical equipment market throughout South America for over 15 years and now also in North America, allowing its customers to act more efficiently, with total security and greater profitability.

With a differentiated infrastructure and a team of highly qualified professionals, composed of technicians and engineers trained and qualified in accordance with the highest standards required by manufacturers. Our company is committed to excellence, development, and the continuous evolution of its services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower Ophthalmic Clinic like you with the tools and technology needed to deliver exceptional eye care. We understand the importance of precision, reliability, and patient satisfaction.

Autorefractor Keratometer

Achieve precise refraction measurements effortlessly with our Autorefractor-Keratometer. Its fast and accurate readings streamline your practice’s workflow. Learn how this equipment can benefit your patients.

Retinal Camera

Capture high-resolution retinal images with our Retinal Camera. Its user-friendly design and image quality make it an ideal tool for early disease detection. Enhance your diagnostic capabilities with this advanced camera.

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) System

Elevate your practice’s diagnostic precision with our Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) System. This cutting-edge imaging technology provides detailed, non-invasive cross-sectional images of the eye’s internal structures. From identifying retinal diseases to tracking treatment progress, the OCT system is an invaluable tool for ophthalmologists.

Slit Lamp

Our Slit Lamp is an indispensable tool for ophthalmologists, providing unparalleled clarity in eye examinations. Precise control over illumination and magnification enables detailed analysis of the eye’s anterior segment whether diagnosing cataracts, corneal disorders, or assessing contact lens fitting, our Slit Lamp enhances your diagnostic capabilities.

Ophthalmology Chairs and Stands

Our Ophthalmology Chairs and Stands are designed for optimal patient comfort and clinical efficiency. These ergonomic and adjustable chairs and stands provide stability and support during eye examinations and procedures. Enhance patient care and streamline your practice with our high-quality seating and positioning solutions.

Visual Field Testing Equipment

Our Visual Field Testing Equipment is an essential tool for assessing and monitoring a patient’s visual field. Designed for accuracy and ease of use, it aids in the early detection of conditions like glaucoma and neurological disorders. With our advanced equipment, you can provide comprehensive care and improve patient outcomes.


Our Tonometers are precision instruments for measuring intraocular pressure. They play a critical role in glaucoma diagnosis and management, ensuring early detection and effective treatment. Explore our range of reliable tonometers designed to enhance diagnostic accuracy and patient care.


 Our Lensmeters are precision instruments for accurate eyeglass prescription measurements. With advanced technology and user-friendly interfaces, they streamline the process of determining lens power and astigmatism. Enhance your practice’s efficiency and precision with our range of Lensmeters.

Precision Ophthalmic Equipment for Ophthalmic Clinic Persona

Discover a wide array of cutting-edge ophthalmic equipment meticulously selected to meet the demands of Ophthalmic Clinic Persona. Our products are designed to enhance accuracy, improve patient outcomes, and streamline your clinic’s operations.

Diagnostic Instruments

Equip your clinic with the latest diagnostic instruments that offer unmatched precision in detecting and monitoring eye conditions. From advanced retinal imaging systems to corneal topography devices, we have the tools the Ophthalmic Clinic Persona needs for accurate assessments.

Surgical Excellence

Achieve surgical excellence with our range of ophthalmic surgical instruments and systems. Ophthalmic Clinic Persona can trust in the quality and reliability of our surgical equipment, ensuring the best outcomes for their patients.

Vision Correction Technology

Stay ahead in vision correction with our innovative technology. Whether it’s refractive surgery lasers or state-of-the-art contact lens fitting systems, we have what it takes to meet the unique needs of Ophthalmic Clinic Persona.

Ophthalmic Clinic Priority

Every product in our catalog is chosen with the utmost care to cater to the Ophthalmic Clinic. We understand the importance of precision, durability, and ease of use, and we ensure that our equipment meets these criteria.

Expert Consultation

Our team of experts is available to provide personalized guidance, helping Ophthalmic Clinic Persona select the right equipment for their specific needs. We’re dedicated to your clinic’s success.

Unmatched Support

Count on Seven for unparalleled customer support and technical assistance. We are committed to ensuring that your ophthalmic clinic operates seamlessly with our equipment.


We are here to support you

Our ophthalmic products business is dedicated to providing eye care professionals with innovative and high-quality equipment and instruments to improve diagnostic accuracy and enhance patient care.

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