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This GYC-1000 is a perfect addition to any retina practice with its small foot print and easy to use interface this laser is a user friendly option for all size facilities. This laser is designed to fit on Haag 900 style slit lamps.The NIDEK GYC-1000 utilizes a diode pumped solid-state laser to achieve maximum laser life and great efficiency at low heat emission.The GYC-1000 laser can be plugged into any standard power outlet and requires no external hookup for operation, yet achieves high power output (max. 1700mW on the cornea). The GYC-1000’s specially designed silent air cooling system minimizes the typical maintenance problems common to conventional plasma tube technology.

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High Reliability

A digitally controlled instant duty cycle permits the laser to be used at very fast speeds and high powers for extended periods of time without failure. The GYC-1000 provides many years of superior, reliable performance.

Quiet Photocoagulator: The new technologies – DWC and IFC functions – reduce noise during coagulation:

DWC (Digital Wave Control) function: The DWC function reduces the mechanical noise, as the OPEN/CLOSE movement of the internal shutter is no longer necessary. The GYC-1000 controls the laser wave by digital signal from the CPU.

IFC (Intelligent Fan Control) function: The CPU periodically monitors the internal temperature, and reduces noise by controlling the ON/OFF of the cooling fan. In addition, the GYC-1000 incorporates a less noisy fan so the system is quiet even when the fan is working.

True Continuous Wave (CW)continuous-green-laser

The GYC-1000’s solid state laser is a true continuous wave (CW), not a pulsed laser. CW laser delivery assures predictable treatment results by eliminating the potential risks associated with pulsed laser systems.


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