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Heine Omega 500 Indirect

The OMEGA 500 binocular indirect ophthalmoscope is a unique synchronised optical system that provides stereoscopic viewing in a range of pupil sizes. With a maintenance-free construction, and supported by a five year guarantee, the OMEGA 500 is available with a flexible, modular power system and a choice of LED or Xenon Halogen illumination for perfect colour rendering. It is designed to provide the ultimate in quality, performance and flexibility.

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  • Synchronised adjustment of convergence & parallax
  • By moving one adjustment lever, it is possible to change the angle of illumination (parallax) and the line of sight for each pupil (convergence) to gain a fully illuminated, stereoscopic fundus view through pupils as small as 1mm.  The OMEGA 500 also has the functionality to maximise the stereopsis in large pupils.
  • No detail overlooked
  • The Omega 500 includes ergonomically arranged controls, an exclusive flip-up mechanism (to raise and lower the optics for easier communication), a comfortable headband design to relieve neck strain and a flexible, modular, power arrangement to provide a system for every environment


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