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Marco RT-300

Marco RT 300 Phoropter from Vision Systems features sealed in rear with replaceable plano lens. Features Sealed in rear with replaceable plano lens. Fully synchronized cross cylinders, or optional split- image cross cylinders. Anti reflective coating on lenses. Near tests. Bi-loupe turret system. Large, legible high contrast number scales. Selection of auxiliary lenses. Conveniently located knobs. Manual refractor.The RT-300’s accessory knob is positioned next to the cylinder power/axis knob and all controls are within a hand’s breadth of each other. Cylinder power up to +-6.00D; sphere power from +16.75 to -19.00D. “Sure-grip” knurls on the control knobs make them easy to grasp. Combined with the convenient placement of the controls themselves, this helps reduce fatigue. Fully synchronized cross-cylinder is standard. Large high-contrast numbers on the instrument scales make them easy to read even in subdued light.

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