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Autorefractors/ Keratometers

Nidek ARK 530A

The Nidek 760A Auto Eye tracking, Auto-Shot and Auto-Print Functions, Cornea and Pupil Size Measurements, High Speed Measurement Function, Calculation & Printout of the Pupillary Distance (PD), Trial Lens Data Printout, Eye Shape Diagram Printout.

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  • New analysis: pupil zone measurement method
  • keratin measurement: double Mayerling alignment method
  • 3D auto tracking & AI measurement
  • large color LCD monitor with tilt function
  • Auto Refractor Keratometer
  • Features SLD (Super Luminescent Diode)Accurate Measurements
  • for Cataracts and IOL’s
  • Auto-Alignment,
  • Focusing & Firing
  • Tiltable LCD
  • Alignment Indicators
  • Natural Load Paper
  • Automatically Cuts Printer Paper
  • Motorized Chinrest
  • One-Touch Lock
  • IC Card Reader
  • Multiple USB Ports


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