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Nidek YC-1600

Nidek YC-1600 YAG Laser System Ophthalmic is an easy to use YAG laser with the most reliable and efficient used for trabeculotomy, anterior capsulotomy and IOL polishingNidek YC-1600 YAG Laser System Ophthalmic allows simple firing and easy aiming with a GYC-2000 532 Green Photocoagulator Combination Dual Laser System.

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  • Diode pumped solid-state laser for extended life and efficiency at low-heat emission
  • Digitally controlled instant-duty cycle allows fast speed and high power over prolonged periods
  • 1.7 W of laser energy
  • User-friendly control panel for greater ease of use and convenience
  • Plugs into any standard power outlet
  • Easy integrated to NIDEK’s YC-1600 YAG laser system


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