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Reichert 7CR

The Reichert 7CR non-contact tonometer’s patented bi-directional applanation process characterizes biomechanical properties of the cornea and reduces impact on IOP measurement. Corneal visco-elastic properties, thickness, or surgical procedures such as LASIK minimally affect the Corneal Compensated IOP measurement. IOPcc is a better indicator of glaucoma than other methods of tonometry, including Goldman Applanation. Features include an intuitive touch screen interface, automatic alignment, internal printer, and USB port for electronic data transfer.

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  • Easy-to-use, touch screen interface
  • Patients simply lean against the forehead rest
  • Alignment is completely automated
  • One-touch, triple measurement mode
  • Clearly displays all measurement data
  • Internal printer simplifies record keeping
  • Electronic data transfer via USB port
  • Optional Chin rest


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