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Slit Lamps

Reichert Xcel 255 Slit Lamp

The Xcel 255 Slit Lamp is an AC-powered slit lamp biomicroscope that is intended for use in examining the anterior segment, from the corneal epithelium to the posterior capsule. It is used to aid in the diagnosis of diseases or trauma, which affect the structural properties of the anterior segment of the eye. The Xcel 255’s wide-field optics provide excellent clarity and detail. The compact design, combined with conveniently placed controls, make this slit lamp a pleasure to operate. The outstanding optical performance, features, and quality, combined with an affordable price, make the Xcel 255 Slit Lamp a compelling value. *Requires 12597 Tonometer Mount

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This lit lamp offers the performance, versatility, and exceptional value to meet the needs of the most discriminating operator. Lenses with high efficiency coatings provide bright, even illumination. A large field of view with high resolution and depth of focus offers an excellent stereo binocular view.

  • Tower Design
  • 6.5X, 10X, 16X, 25X, 40X Mags
  • Slit Inclination Up To 20 Degrees
  • Halogen Illumination Controlled By Rheostat
  • Wide Field Optics


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