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Zeiss Visulas 532S

Zeiss Visulas 532S Green Argon Laser with LSL Factory Slit Lamp Integration & Factory Zeiss Power TableCarl Zeiss Visulas 532s Green Laser system With three styles of delivery and a micromanipulator system, this really is the most effective available laser system in the current world for bronchial disorders. The Micromanipulator provides an exact delivery of this laser to little retinal areas measuring in microns.This Zeiss 532s is the ideal addition to any retina practice with its small footprint and simple to use touch screen interface this laser is a user-friendly choice for all size facilities.

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With its compact dimensions and flexible installation chances, the VISULAS 532s is more acceptable for table mounting or, alternatively, the console may be simply connected to the side of the instrument table.

The laser console is easily lifted with a handle for relocation to the next application. In a few minutes, the VISULAS 532s is prepared for transport to urgent outpatient programs thanks to some sensible 532s case.

The VISULAS 532s is a strong, diode-pumped solid-state laser. Its built-in thermoelectric cooling system ensures the outstanding temporal stability of the laser power and thus fulfills the requirements for reproducible clinical results. The VISULAS 532s is designed in particular for retinal photocoagulation, trabeculoplasty, and iridotomy for treatment of glaucoma.

The Zeiss VISULAS 532s is your guarantee of big functionality in a small package. Inserted in the VISULAS 532s convenient transportation case, the compact system is immediately ready for action during mobile use.

The Zeiss Visulas 532s is acceptable for space-saving table mounting, or you can simply join the VISULAS 532s into the side of the tool table. The control panel on the Zeiss Visulas 532s is removable and may be slanted at whatever angle that you find most suitable for your work.

The detachable control panel of Zeiss VISULAS 532s joins many ergonomic benefits for efficient, intuitive and reliable single-hand operation.

The Zeiss VISULAS 532s features an anti-reflective touch display all parameters are observable with astounding clarity against a dark background. At long last, a system which defies room light.

  • Small size, flexible positioning with removable/integrated control panel allows to put the laser on or under the table
  • Intuitive, language-independent user guidance facilitates the physician’s work. The white on blue display is easily legible in a darkened room, allowing users with prescriptions of +/- 2.25 D to work without their glasses.
  • Thermoelectric cooling with enhanced stability management guarantees perfect homogeneous and reproducible treatment results, no matter how busy your laser day is
  • High-end laser slitlamp with coaxial laser coupling and electrical micromanipulator allows best view and most precise laser application


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